Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a brief re-cap of the last month

I haven't posted in a while.

That's because in the last month, I have:

  • moved back into my grandma's house from my parents'
  • turned thirty
  • received a visit from the Hubs
  • finally won a callback for a job interview
  • been called and interviewed for then offered another job the day before that interview
  • accepted the job and started the next day as Kramer Middle School's new seventh grade social studies teacher
  • given up on my PhD(?)
  • struggled with my husband's decision not to evacuate for Hurricane Isaac
  • watched a relative take most of the furniture from my grandmother's living room, where I grew up
  • staged a counter-attack my body's fight against its new sleep and work schedule
  • been signed in to the DAR
  • fought with my husband incessantly about him returning to D.C.
  • received a salary offer that's $10,000 too low
  • ignored a thirteen year old's question "Why are you dressed like a fucking whore?"
  • pre-qualified for a mortgage loan
  • realized that my hair is falling out - literally in handfuls

So I've been busy. I promise to do a better job of writing, and going places/doing things to write about. Because I can't be captive to the classroom. Or my soulless, empty living room. Or my husband's phone calls.

I can't be.